updated: November 16, 2009

Association Gavroche Brochure

Brochure Gavroche Association

For donation

 Every day the Gavroche home is visited by 30 children of Roma origin. Here they receive food, clothes and shoes, medical care and medicines, shelter and most important human warmth and care.

  • food daily costs for a child is about 1.85, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. This can be also tinned food and packets of beans, lentils, tomato puree, jam, biscuits, tea, rice, spaghetti, pasta, vegetables in a jar
  • clothes and shoes
  • medicines and hygiene supplies the costs for maintaining hygiene in
  • the home amount at 80 per month, including hygiene items, wiping
  • sticks, brooms, soap, washing powder, toilet paper, shampoo for children. We need medicines vitamins, antibiotics, tooth brushes and tooth paste.
  • textbooks and teaching materials notebooks, pens, pencils, white sheets of paper and others. Average costs per month are about 200.
  • sports items and facilities balls, tools for physical training.
  • money for heating and water expenses are about 700 per month in winter and 250 in summer.
  • we need also money for equipment washing machines, dishwasher, cookers and so on.

For contact information:

Elena Ilieva

3-A Vojnishka Street
9002 Varna

Email: office@gavroche-bg.org
tel.: +359 52 300 229
fax: +359 52 302 341

To donate in Euro:

IBAN: BG20UBBS80021403854611
UBB Varna