Services and activities

The Gavroche Association is involved in the following activities:
• Education and Literacy Program for children at risk of ending up on the street;
• Preventive Program for children at risk of ending up on the street and their families;
• Work with children who have fallen victims to all forms of violence. Group work on prevention of  violence.
• Social work in Roma (Gypsy) neighbourhoods - field work, helping Roma families, literacy help for Roma children, prevention of homelessness due to neglect among the Roma community. Working with Roma leaders.
• Collaboration with other NGOs, state and local authorities, medical specialists, teachers, lawyers, journalists.
• Prevention of violence (physical, emotional, sexual as well as neglect) to children and youths. We have developed "Guidelines for the prevention of violence against children", used in training of educators, nurses and students nationwide.
• The Gavroche Association as a Resource Center - we provide an opportunity for students looking for internships, writing research papers and diploma projects. The Centre serves as a research base for three universities.
• The Gavroche Association has attracted volunteers from Bulgaria and abroad.