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Association “Gavroche” has long experience in the work on the problems of the most vulnerable groups of childrenthose who fall out on the street. These problems are frequently related to one or other form of violence. A significant obstacle in the process of overcoming of these problems is the lack of common policy for protection of the children from violence. That is why Association “Gavroche”, through the project funded by Oak Foundation – Switzerland, makes known to the public of the best practice for protection of the children from violence in the North-Eastern Bulgaria. An important part of this project was the preparation and the dissemination of “Handbook for prevention of violence on childrenin different children and education institutions. This step towards improvement of child’s security is the delivery of the experience of Association “Gavroche” in favor of all who are working with children. In the last 6 years a series of trainings with students form the universities, teachers and psychologists from all over the country were carried out.

The purpose of the Resource Center is to develop and to disseminate the practices and the models of best protection of children from violence and for the achievement of this information is collected from many sources related to the problems of violence on children and for delivery of social services.

The use of the Resource Center may be in-situ with the available materials. For those who wish to use the Centre it is possible to transfer the information sources on paper or CD.   

Association “Gavroche”, through the available social services, provides the possibility for carrying out of educational practice and trainings, for consultation during the development of course and diploma projects as well as for realization of volunteer initiatives.

Resource Center "Gavroche" works every day from 11:00 am to 04:00 pm.   
Gergana Encheva – Coordinator of the Resource Center   


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