Monitored home

I.  Objectives

Common objective

 Establishment of the necessary conditions and prerequisites for support, protection and social integration, reintegration and adaptation of the young people to the social and economic requirements of the civil society and the working environment.

Current objectives

1. Providing of possibilities and support for social inclusion.

2. Support for learning independent way of life in environment close to the family environment.

3. Support for personal expression and interests.

4. Providing of support for the young people for professional orientation, selection of qualification and finding and preservation of labor engagement.

II. Target group

¨   young boys at the age of 18-35 who leaving the social institutions

- young boys who are orphans

- young boys without family support or from poor families

ІII. Capacity –  4 boys

IV. Activities

1.    Providing of a complex social services for preparation for independent life:

¨    Accommodation

¨    Cateringthe funds needed on weekly basis for purchasing of foodstuffs are provided. The young boys learn how to cook for and by themselves.

¨    Health care and assistance, developing of skills for personal hygiene and hygiene of the home - monitoring and support of the maintenance of the health status and the personal hygiene of the young boys.

¨   Educational support the young boys who are students receive support for their preparation for school, information is provided for selection of schools and educational institutions and qualification and training courses.

¨ Professional orientation and consultingselection of qualification courses, professional orientation, selection of profession; searching and finding of jobs, using of Internet for this search, interview with employers, preparation of CVs, motivation letter; keeping the job, preservation of the relations with colleagues and employer, consistency and responsibility.

¨    Organization of the free time.

2.    Programs for life skills: Civil skills, Everyday skills, Health and sexual education - Individual and group discussions, Group an individual forms of work for prevention of violence, Social skills.

3. Mediation for job finding.

4. Work with the community.

6. Preparation of the young boys for taking them out of the protected homes, reintegration, start of independent life style.



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